Jill A. Henderson
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—A Fantastic Foundation

Crafton Hills College was the perfect place for me after I graduated from high school. I took a summer school class to get the lay of the land and felt right at home by my first regular semester. I was having trouble deciding on a major or what I wanted to do once I was done with college. Community college seemed like a wise and affordable decision. I was able to take a wide range of elective classes while getting my core classes done at the same time, giving me unique insight into my choices and the time to decide what was right for me. I especially enjoyed my courses in Speech, Film and Children’s Literature.

I made so many friends and thoroughly enjoyed how scenic the campus was. I am always happy to return to Crafton when I can to see how it has grown and take in the view and wildlife.

I remember the day I met with my counselor to confirm I had enough units for my AA in Liberal Studies and move on to California State San Bernardino. I was so excited but also sad to leave.

My education at Crafton was a fantastic foundation for my last two years of college at CSUSB. I was able to use and apply several of the things I learned as I continued my education.

As I went through college, I worked as an Administrative Assistant/On Field Promotions for the Inland Empire 66ers. After I graduated from CSUSB with a degree in Communications, I went on to be the Assistant to the CFO, and eventually the Director of Community Relations. After taking a few years off when my son was born, I worked for the Highland Chamber of Commerce and Stater Bros. Charities. For the past four years I have been the Development & Community Outreach Coordinator for the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley.

My success at Cal State San Bernardino and in my professional life are most definitely a result of the start of my college education at Crafton Hills. I am happy to say I am even still in contact with friends who I met while I was there.