Jesse Felix
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—High School Dropout Now Has Three Bachelor's and a Master's Degree

Class of 2005, AA Business Administration

Jesse Felix was a high school dropout when an accident turned his life in a new direction. While helping a friend move, the truck they had rented rolled and pinned Jesse and crushed his leg. Rather than letting his misfortune derail his life, Jesse used it as an opportunity to re-examine, re-focus, and plan for a better future.

Jesse enrolled at Crafton Hills College, and relied on the Disabled Students Services Office to help transport him to his classes. His driver, Tina Marie Gimple, went the extra mile to help. “Tina did more than just drive me around,” he says. “She showed me how to navigate college and be successful. She was my first campus mentor.” It amazed him how much impact just one person could make in his life. Her guidance helped him get back on his feet.

Jesse holds three bachelor’s degrees in business administration, supply chain management and logistics and an M.B.A. in supply chain management from Cal State San Bernardino. Jesse is currently the Services Coordinator for the Santos Manuel Student Union at Cal State San Bernardino. “I enjoy being of service to others. It has become an important part of who I am as a person. I know I am making a difference and it feels great.”