Dennis R. Stevens, RN
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—Early Crafton Student Turned Registered Nurse

Crafton Hills College was a terrific next step after graduating from Yucaipa High School in 1976. At the time, Crafton was still quite new and its facilities were very appealing. It’s bucolic location on top of Crafton Hills provided a peaceful, scenic retreat at which to start one’s college studies.

My studies at Crafton Hills College took two directions. I obtained solid vocational skills in the paramedic program but I also decided to take regular college transfer courses along the way. My favorites of which were philosophy, religious studies and theatre. I was thrilled to participate in the Redlands Theatre Festival through the theatre program.

After graduating from Crafton (EMS certificate in 1979, A.S. degree 1980), I worked as a paramedic for several years then I used the college transfer courses I had taken at Crafton to gain admission to San Jose State University where I graduated in 1987 with a B.S. degree in nursing. I’m now in my 26th year as a Registered Nurse.

Crafton Hills College set me on a path to success through a solid grounding in academics and vocation. I will always be grateful.