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—Crafton Gave Her Something to Be Proud Of

Student Profile

I started my journey at Crafton Hills College when I was Twenty-Four years old. I was at a point in my life where I was going nowhere, and college was the only option left. Starting Crafton, I had zero confidence and I didn’t believe I was smart enough for college, but I had many guardian angels watching over me all over Crafton Hills campus. I learned so much from Crafton and I couldn’t have done it and I sincerely mean this without EOPS. The love, support, and guidance were everything I needed and I’m sure a lot of students felt encouraged by the program. While going to Crafton I became educated and confident in who I was becoming. I openly started to talk about my views on things that were happening in my community. Crafton gave me something to be proud of and it has made me a stronger Woman more than ever before. Graduating from Crafton was honestly one of the best days of my life. I am now attending Cal State San Bernardino and going for a degree in Psychology. My goal is to become a counselor and help children and young adults. Attending Crafton was one the best decisions and I hope other students who lack confidence and self esteem will hear my story and remember to never give up.