Brian Griffin - Crafton Hills College
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—A Transfer Success

Back in 1988, I begin with an interest in both Mathematics and Computers. My two instructors, Dr Wayne Milloy and Dr Jay Edwards both provided an enthusiastic learning experience where my curiosity in both subjects grew. They were both extremely intelligent and humorous teachers and loved their craft and shared it well. With this Crafton experience, I went on to get my BS in Math / BA in Computers at the University of Redlands, and MS in Math at UC Riverside. Since then I have been working at UC Riverside for the past 20 years creating enterprise web-based, data-driven transactional and reporting applications for the University. Thanks to the quality teachers at Crafton, I didn't change my mind and try another subject, but stuck to the plan, transferred successfully to a 4 Year College, became gainfully employed in the area and have fond memories of where I began.