Fire Technology Committee - Crafton Hills College
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Duties and Responsibilities of the Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is a group of Chief & Company Officers within the local fire service who are chosen from the communities of interest to advise educators regarding an educational program. The Fire Technology and Fire Academy Department Program Student Learning Outcomes are in-line with the College’s mission, vision and core values. To ensure this, Fire Technology and Fire Academy staff work closely with our Advisory Committee (SBCTOA).

Committee members provide advice and support to the program through regular attendance at scheduled meetings and participation in program issues throughout the year. Specific functions of the Advisory Committee are to assist the program personnel with the following:

  • Encourage up-to-date and relevant educational processes.
  • Review curriculum.
  • Equipment needs
  • Program marketing
  • Labor market data & industry trends
  • Locate qualified faculty.
  • Job placement of graduates
  • Review of any changes to program goals, outcomes, and instructional effectiveness
  • Review substantive changes.
  • Re-Accreditation process