Help Desk
Call x4357 for help in setting up an account.

Audio Visual Requests
Fill out the Facilities Use Request Form in order to request Audio Visual setup.

Printer Installation Instructions

Technology Services provides support for all of the technology on the Crafton Hills College campus.

We are prepared to help you do any of the following: setup, maintain and repair computers and other technology equipment; plan for technology projects and purchasing; assistance with materials, resources and instructional strategies using technology in the classroom (online or off); ensuring that your instructional practices and materials comply with Federal and State laws and regulations, including the Americans with Disabilities Act; answer questions and provide training on a wide variety of topics, hardware, and programs.

Assistive Technology


Crafton Hills College , like other public entities, is constantly striving to ensure that our technology is accessible to everyone interacting with the campus, in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. To that end, we build accessibility into our website, provide assistance to our faculty and staff on how to address accessibility in their unique work areas or instructional strategies, and help develop accessible workstations throughout the campus. Technology Services works closely with the campus Disabled Student Program and Services Office to do everything we can to ensure that our students and staff can use technology effectively throughout the campus. Use the Assistive Technology Link to find out more about what is available or who to contact regarding assistive technology issues, solutions or problems.

Info FAQ, Etc.

Technology is wonderful when it works. When it’s not, it can become frustrating and complicated very quickly. Use the Info, FAQ, Etc. link to access our online support services. This is one area you should go to when your technology is not working well, but also a place to get resources and information about how to avoid common problems before they start. Here, you’ll also find tutorials on programs and computer functions, resources on viruses and other items of interest, links to online forms, etc.


If you are experiencing problems with your technology, use the help link to get phone numbers, general info, and information on who best to the best person to contact regarding any technology problems you are experiencing.


In an effort to speed up our ability to respond to support requests, and to save a few trees, Technology Services is migrating many of our hard copy forms into digital online forms, or turning paper forms into digitized Word or PDF documents. If you need to have a computer set up, purchase computers, or surplus equipment please check to see if a form is available…it will likely save you time and paper. Use the Forms link to access our ever-growing list of online forms.

Contact Technology Services

Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly who to call with a support question or request. Use the Contact Technology Services link to find out who does what in the department and how you can get a hold of that person.