Initial Training

To be completed before beginning the below approval process.

Note that the following courses have been preapproved by the Educational Technology Committee (ETC). These are not the only courses that can meet the required categories of Training For Utilization of Canvas, Distance Education Course Design & Instructional Strategies, and Creating Accessible Online Courses. See equivalency statement below for more information.

Documentation for your training must be supplied with your Intent to Teach form. See step 1 of the below process.

Training Option 1 - Total Cost $200*

This option has a long duration and a higher cost. However, it allows the instructor to compete all of the training required to start the approval process in a single course.

  1. Online Education Standards & Practices from @One
    • Access: Search for “Online Education Standards & Practices” in the @One course catalog
    • Duration: 12-weeks
    • Cost: $200

Training Option 2 - Total Cost $130*

Instructors must complete at least one course from each of the following three required categories.

This option is several short, low cost courses.  It is possible to take more than one course at a time to expedite the training processes. However, this is not recommended for instructors new to online teaching.

Requirement 1: Training For Utilization of Canvas (choose one)

  • Introduction to Teaching with Canvas offered by @one
    • Access: Search for “Introduction to Teaching with Canvas” in the @One course catalog
    • Duration: Self-paced
    • Cost: $0
  • Introduction to Teaching with Canvas offered by
    • Access: Create an account in the Professional Learning Network. After signing in, select “More” on the top right-hand side, then “Learn” in the dropdown, then “Click Here for Lynda”. Search for  “Introduction to Teaching with Canvas.”
    • Duration: Self-paced
    • Cost: $0

Requirement 2: Distance Education Course Design & Instructional Strategies (choose one)

  • Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning course offered by @One
    • Access: Search for “Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning” in the @One course catalog
    • Duration: 4-weeks
    • Cost: $65
  • Introduction to Course Design course offered by @One
    • Access: Search for “Introduction to Course Design” in the @One course catalog
    • Duration: 4-weeks
    • Cost: $65

Requirement 3: Creating Accessible Online Courses

  • Creating Accessible Online Courses offered by @One
    1. Access: Search for “Creating Accessible Online Courses” in the @One course catalog
    2. Duration: 4-weeks
    3. Cost: $65

Equivalency Requests

If an instructor has completed training not detailed above and seeks equivalency for any of the above classes, documentation detaining how the classes correspond in depth and breadth of course content must be provided with the Intent to Teach form.


Crafton Hills College does not currently offer reimbursement for the above training. However, the Distance Education (Co-)Coordinators are working with the Professional Development Coordinator to seek funding for reimbursement. This page will be updated as information regarding funding is obtained.

 Approval Process

Toward the goal of ensuring the effectiveness of our distributed education program, Crafton Hills College has adopted a 3-step process for the certification to teach in the online environment. The steps are linear and guided by Distance Education (Co-)Coordinators. It is possible to complete the entire process in as little as a month and a half, assuming that the training detailed above has been completed. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: Intent to Teach form

The form is used to document the LMS, instructional design and accessibility training completed by the instructor as well as any prior experience (online courses taught elsewhere). This form should be returned to the department chair for review and confirmation. The department chair will forward the form to the Dean for review. The dean will then forward to the form to the Distance Education (Co-)Coordinators, who will add it to the ETC agenda for review by the committee.

Step 2: Knowledge and Skills Assessment

After approval of step 1 by ETC. The Distance Education (Co-)Coordinators will schedule a  LMS hands on assessment meeting with the instructor. The Distance Education (Co-)Coordinators will present the results to ETC for review.

Step 3: Online Course Syllabus And Online Course Design Evaluations

After approval of step 2 by the ETC, online course syllabus and online course design evaluations will be conducted by members of the ETC. Instructors may submit either a current course shell or request a developmental shell for this purpose. The course developed must be from your discipline. Criteria and standards for the course syllabus and the course design are posted below. Details on how the course is submitted will be given during the meeting with Distance Education (Co-)Coordinators require for step 2.

 Requirements For Offering Any Course Online

  1. The DE Addendum of the course has been approved.
  2. The instructor has been certified to teach online by the ETC and has been notified by the CHC Distance Education Coordinator the date certification was conferred.
    • Note: A one semester waiver may be applied in documented cases of great need for instructors with significant online teaching experience and/or completed training.


If you have any questions regarding the instructor approval process, please send an email to the CHC Distance Education Co-Coordinators Brandi Bailes and Jeff Cervantes ( and

An updated list of approved courses and instructors is available on our Online Teaching Resources.