Academic Senate Exec - Crafton Hills College
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The Executive Committee shall meet the week before each regularly scheduled Senate meeting. The Executive Committee will discuss Senate business and establish the general agenda for each meeting of the full Senate. Executive Committee meeting times shall be distributed to all Senate members and other CHC Academic Senate members of the college community so that interested parties may submit requests for items to be placed on the agenda of any regularly scheduled Senate meeting.


The Executive Committee of the Senate shall be composed of the elected officers plus the Past-President or the President-Elect.

Executive Members

Member Title Release
Brandi Bailes President 0.60
Julie McKee Vice President 0.20
Meridyth McLaren Secretary 0.00
Gary Williams Historian 0.00
Cheryl DiBartolo Treasurer 0.00

President Elect



Past President


Meeting Schedule

 The Executive Committee meets on 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month (August - May).