1. Shall preside over all Senate and Executive Committee meetings.
  2. Shall provide a Senate report to the Board of Trustees at their first regularly scheduled meeting of each month.
  3. Shall serve as a member of the District Assembly and its Executive Committee.
  4. Shall meet regularly with the college president to express the views of the Senate and stay abreast of the college administration's views.
  5. Shall appoint faculty to all senate committees and to all other campus committees where senate representation is required or requested.
  6. Shall ask for a member of the Academic Senate to serve as the Senate Parliamentarian to clarify and give guidance on following Roberts Rules of Order.
  7. Shall appoint Senate representatives whenever necessary, such as for peer evaluations, screening committees, or district-wide committees.
  8. Shall consult regularly with the leadership of the local faculty bargaining agent to discuss issues of concern to the Senate and the bargaining unit. Such issues may be determined by either organization or their respective officers.


  1. Shall preside over Senate meetings in the absence of the President.
  2. Shall succeed to the Presidency in the event that the office becomes vacant before the term of office ends. In such cases, the Vice-President shall serve out the remainder of the previous President’s term.
  3. Shall assist the President in the administrative capacities of his/her position.
  4. Shall recommend all appointments to faculty committees except those of the bargaining agent.
  5. Shall attend all Executive Committee meetings.
  6. Shall serve as the faculty co-chair of the campus Planning and Program Review committee.
  7. Shall monitor time allocations for all agenda items and apprise the AS President when the time for an item is expiring.


  1. Shall keep all minutes of the general Senate meetings for distribution to all faculty and to all other interested parties who request copies.
  2. Shall preserve all records pertaining to Senate business, including minutes and agendas. Shall attend all Executive Committee meetings.


  • Shall oversee the Senate budget and all its accounts.
  • Shall serve as liaison officer to the Faculty Council and shall, in that capacity, accept responsibility for the collection of dues and the management of the Faculty Council account.
  • Shall report at full Senate meetings on the status of all accounts he/she manages.
  • Shall attend all Executive Committee meetings.


  • Shall organize and maintain the Senate archives.
  • Shall maintain the currency of the Senate website including posting all agendas, minutes, associated documents and resolutions.
  • Shall attend all Executive Committee meetings.


  • Shall serve on the Academic Senate.
  • Shall attend all Executive Committee meetings in the year following his/her term as President.
  • Shall advise the President on all Senate matters.
  • In the event that the previous past president cannot serve in this capacity, a senator may be appointed by the Senate President to the position of Past President. This appointment must be approved by a vote of the Senate at
    the next possible general Senate meeting.


  • Shall attend the Executive Committee meetings in the year proceeding his/her term as President.
  • Shall shadow the President in his/her Academic Senate commitments to prepare for his/her upcoming term as President