Connect with Crafton alumni that have transferred to a 4-year university

Transfer mentors are available to answer questions you may have about their transfer experience and/or their major. Call the University Transfer Center at 909-389-3399 to get contact information for any of the following Crafton Alumni.

CHC Transfer Mentors

Crafton Alumni

Transfer Major 


Stashia R. Drama UC Irvine
Marisa V. Communication UC Santa Barbara
Keith L. African American Studies UC Riverside
Nicole S. Political Science UC Riverside
Robert C. Psychology & English University of Arizona
Frank L. Nursing Loma Linda University
Gabriel B. Administration, Accounting concentration CSU San Bernardino
Evelyn T. Psychology CSU San Bernardino
Ashley G. Social Work CSU San Bernardino
Iris P. Sociology CSU San Bernardino
Stephany S. Spanish Cal Poly Pomona