This dynamic service is designed to provide synchronous online services for students who might otherwise not be able to visit the Dean's of Student Servies/Development's Office in person. These online services utilize Cranium Cafe, an interactive and secure online meeting hosting portal with chat and video conferencing features.

Technical Requirements: 

  • Any desktop or laptop/tablet with a camera (preferred method)
    OR smartphone device (iOS Apple devices require a download of the ConexEd App to access Cranium Café)
  • Chrome Internet browser
  • Headphones (optional)

Is Online Services Right for Me?

This service is for current and prospective Crafton Hills College students who have time constraints, making it difficult to visit the Department in-person during normal business hours. A variety of questions may be answered during an online session. However, due to the nature of online sessions, some services may not be available online.

Online Drop-In or appointments are available for the following services:

  • Employment Background Investigation Requests
  • Student Conduct Clearance Requests
  • Common Application Report Request
  • General questions related to the following areas of service
    • Admissions & Records
    • Financial Aid
    • Health & Wellness Center
    • Student Life
    • Veterans Resource Center
    • Student Conduct
    • Student of Concern (Behavioral and Emotional)

Getting Started

You may meet with a staff member by "Knocking" on the virtual door of an available staff member (indicated by the green button on their Cafe Card, shown below).

You will then be prompted to login (using your WebAdvisor account or Guest login if you do not have a WebAdvisor login). After doing so you will be sent to the Admissions & Records virtual lobby.


You may schedule an online meeting with the Division's Administrative Secretary by clicking on "Schedule Meeting" from any of the Cafe Cards shown below. 

You will then be prompted to log in (using your WebAdvisor account or Guest login if you do not have a WebAdvisor login) to begin the scheduling process.