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WHY Choose Religious Studies?

Religion has been a part of virtually all civilizations and cultures forever. It is everywhere, and is the foundation for belief systems around the world from the dawn of time. Our religious studies curriculum explores classical mythology, as well as religions in America and around the world.


  • Study sacred stories, rituals, leadership, scripture, morality, ethics and traditions of various religions
  • Explore religious origins, myths, doctrines, practices and historical developments
  • Examine supernaturalism and the religious context of drug usage in traditional societies
  • Follow the growth of religion in America, from colonial times to the present
  • Study the English Bible as literature and as religion
  • View Jesus through the perspectives of the gospels, history, theology and the arts


The associate of arts in religious studies degree can be the foundation for four-year college studies in religion. The program also provides excellent preparation for additional studies in for a variety of fields, including religion, law, education, counseling, business, journalism, politics, medicine and the arts.


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