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An Acute Care Nursing Assistant (ACNA), which is also called nursing assistant, orderly, patient care technician, patient care assistant (and others), cares for individuals and their needs in a hospital environment. The ACNA may work on a specific hospital unit (pediatrics, adult, obstetrics) or the emergency room. The skills learned during the ACNA course prepares the student to perform skills safely and correctly in the fast-paced environment of a hospital.



The Acute Care Nursing Assistant Program at Crafton Hills College is approved as a college certificate program. Local hospital partners have approved this curriculum as an experiential course in a hospital setting.


Program Outcomes

Track Accepted Retention Completion State Test PASS results Job Placement rates
Fall 2023 20 16 80    
Spring 2024 20 19 95    


If you are already a CNA and wish to take the ACNA class, follow the Steps for Enrollment.


Steps to Enrollment


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