UCLA Transfer Alliance Program - Crafton Hills College
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Transfer Alliance Program (TAP)

The Transfer Alliance Program is a collaboration between local community college Honors/Scholars Programs and UCLA College of Letters and Science in conjunction with Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with schools. Students are certified after completing the program and given priority consideration for admission to UCLA College of the Letters and Science.

The Program is designed to foster academic excellence at the community college level and to promote diversity and retention in the UCLA transfer population.

Some benefits of TAP are:

  • UCLA and California Community Colleges cooperate to assist students in the transfer process.
  • The TAP Community Colleges offer enriched academic programs and all courses necessary to transfer, including General Education requirements and preparatory courses for majors.
  • Designated faculty and counselors at the community colleges help students plan academic programs that meet major and general education requirements and honors/scholars certification.
  • While students are in the community college TAP programs, meaningful linkages with UCLA are provided such as on-campus informational meetings and tours, library privileges, and opportunities to attend selected UCLA cultural and athletic events.