The Honors Steering Committee makes recommendations regarding student admission, standards, curriculum, activities and other issues pertinent to the College Honors Institute. The Honors Steering Committee meets once per month. 

College Honors Institute (CHI) Steering Committee Members

Faculty members as appointed by the Academic Senate, including the Coordinator of the College Honors Institute. Non-voting members include three Instructional Deans.

Term: One year (for appointees)

  • Judy Cannon, CHI Coordinator
  • Debbie Bogh, CHI Counselor
  • Ryan Bartlett, English Professor
  • T.L. Brink, Psychology Professor
  • Susuna De la Pena, English Professor
  • Troylynn Dial, Articulation Officer
  • Cheryl DiBartolo, Anthropology Professor
  • Elizabeth Langenfeld, English Professor
  • Janine Ledoux, Physical Education Professor
  • Farhad Mansourian, Economics Professor
  • James Urbanovich, Communication Studies Professor
  • Lindsay Weiler, History Professor