2019-2020 CHC Foundation Board of Directors2019-2020 CHC Foundation Board of Directors

One of the founding members of the CHC Foundation was philanthropist Ruben Finkelstein. Ruben and his brother, Lester, donated the land for CHC in the late 1960's. They were both extremely proud and supportive of the college. CHC is a legacy to the Finkelstein brothers' support for education and love for people.

The CHC Foundation is comprised of community volunteers.

Foundation Board Members 2020-2021

President William Nassar
Vice President Sam Irwin
Secretary Dr. Kevin Horan
Chief Financial Officer Mike Strong
Director Anthony Abate
Director Denise Allen
Director Ray Casey
Director Donna M. Ferracone
Director Gloria Macías Harrison
Director Amy Minjares
Director Tommi Ng
Director Dr. Phong Nguyen
Director Col. David Raley
Director  Linda Roberts-Ross
Director Barbara Smith
Director  Michael J. Smith
Director Mark Snowhite
Director Rosaura Solis-Parsons
Director Lillian Vasquez
Director Robert Visconti
Director June Yamamoto
Appointed Director Brandi Bailes (Academic Senate President)
Appointed Director Alex Jaco (Classified Senate President)
Appointed Director Jake Fuller (Student Senate President)
Staff Carrie Audet
Staff Dr. Ericka N. Paddock
Staff Michelle Riggs

The Crafton Hills College welcomes your application to serve on the Board of Directors. Foundation Directors are required to attend quarterly board meetings, serve on a committee, participate in events, and contribute to the sustainability of the Foundation. Please fill out and submit the application form below if interested or contact the Foundation office at 909-389-3245.

Board of Directors Candidate Application Form 



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