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Publish Date: April 26, 2023

Crafton Honors Students

Crafton Honors Students

On Saturday, March 25, thirteen Crafton Hills College Honors students traveled to UC Irvine to participate in the 2023 Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC) Student Research Conference.

Social Science/Humanities Poster Awards:

Rachel Kanter, 1st place ($250) for “Breadwinners & Babymakers: Examining the Relationship Between Benevolent Sexism, Narcissism, & Self-Esteem”

Anthony Page, 3rd place ($150) for “The Connection Between Sense of Social Support and Grade

STEM Poster Awards:

Dakota Erwin: 3rd Place ($150) for “Seismic Isolation and Sustainability in Our Built Environment”

In addition, two Crafton Hills College students were given Exemplary Student Awards ($100) based on essays they submitted before the conference: Dakota Erwin and Angie Cristobal.

To learn more about the HTCC Student Research Conference visit www.honorstransfercouncil.org.