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Publish Date: May 23, 2024

CHC Graduates with mascot Ryker

Crafton Hills College (CHC) announces its summer class schedule, providing an opportunity for prospective and current students to get started or get ahead in their education at an affordable cost. 

Summer class tuition averages $150 and includes free textbook rentals. The sessions begin on May 28, June 10, and July 1 and feature five, eight and ten-week courses. 

CHC provides a wide range of courses catering to different interests and career paths. Noteworthy class offerings for summer include:

  • Counseling-110: An introduction to career planning for the first-time career seeker. This course explores academic, personal and career goals through assessment and self-exploration.
  • Child Development-105: Examines physical, cognitive, social and emotional development from conception through adolescence.
  • Multimedia-100: Introduction to multimedia technologies, covering principles of design and media production, including digital media for print, screen, animation, interactivity and 3D design.
  • Business Administration-103: This course focuses on human resource management, highlighting the impact and accountability of human resources activities in organizations.

Additionally, students can get ahead on general education requirements essential for transfer with classes such as:

  • English-101: Freshman Composition
  • Biology-100: General Biology
  • CommStudies-100: Public Speaking

Classes are expected to fill up quickly. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to secure their spots. 

For more information and to apply, visit or call CHC Student Services at 909-389-3372.