‘Chorus of Displaced’ introduces Crafton community to realities of war and how it shapes lives. - Crafton Hills College
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Publish Date: April 11, 2024

'Chorus of Displaced' Art Exhibit

The realities of conflict tearing apart one’s idea of normalcy was the message of Crafton Hills College’s most recent gallery exhibit from March 4 through April 11 in the CHC art gallery.

“Chorus of the Displaced,” by Kyong Boon Oh, a first-generation Korean immigrant artist, utilized photos to weave a story of heartbreak experienced by those who suffered loss and a sense of displacement during the 1950-1953 Korean War, including her own father.

“This exhibition serves as a personal map that navigates the complex and uncharted territory of the displacement and also serves as a showcase of political power struggles, including colonization and division of South Korea shaped by the Cold War and superpower rivalries, highlighting interconnectedness of historical events on a global scale,” said Oh.

A workshop and reception on March 27 brought Roadrunner art students and community members to the art gallery to learn directly from Oh techniques she used to “contemplate overlooked narratives, while projecting possible identities for the marginalized.”

“I wanted to show a mixture of my father’s life and mine, while also [showing] that our personal lives can be a communal destiny that transcends time and space…,” she explained.

The Crafton Hills College Art Gallery hosts professional artists’ work year-round and a student exhibit during the school year. The space in the Learning Resource Center (LRC) is open to all four days a week, with some of its funding from the Crafton Hills College Foundation. The nonprofit is dedicated to supporting student success through on-campus programming, financial assistance, and campus improvements.

By hosting professional artwork, the College can introduce students to mediums not yet explored or provide an understanding of the impact displays like Oh’s has on those who view them.

“The work itself – the skill level of it, the thoughtfulness of it, and the total experience of all that Kyong has put in here – is always worthy of a community, a college community especially, to come in here and experience it,” said Professor Renée Azenaro, Crafton’s fine arts chairperson.

When the Crafton Hills College Art Gallery has an exhibit, it is open from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Follow the art gallery and its upcoming displays directly at www.craftonhills.edu/art-gallery or call 909-389-3353 to learn more.

To learn more about Kyong Boon Oh, follow her on Instagram at instagram.com/kyongboonoh or at kyongboonoh.com.