Crafton Hills College Leads Region in Transfer Admission Rates to University of California
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Publish Date: Feb. 14, 2024

CHC Graduates

CHC was the top community college in the region for transfer admission rates to the University of California (UC) during the 2023 application cycle. This achievement reflects CHC’s commitment to providing accurate, efficient, and proactive counseling services, as well as robust transfer support services.

CHC recognizes that the transfer admission process is a critical milestone for students aiming to continue their higher education at prestigious institutions like the UC. The success in achieving high transfer admission rates is attributed to the dedication of CHC’s Counseling Department and University Transfer Center, both of which play a pivotal role in guiding students through the complex transfer process.

Mariana Macamay, University Transfer Center Faculty Coordinator and counselor explains, “Our counselors are committed to staying up-to-date and current in transfer admission criteria, participating in regular training sessions to enhance their knowledge and skills.” This commitment ensures that CHC students receive the most accurate and relevant information, enabling them to make informed decisions about transfer to four-year institutions. 

An integral component of CHC’s success is the noteworthy performance of its Latinx and African American/Black students. These students not only met but exceeded the achievements of other ethnic groups in successfully applying and being admitted to UC campuses.

CHC Dean of Student Services and Counseling Dr. Ivan Peña expressed gratitude for the collective efforts of the student services team, stating, "This recognition underscores our commitment to student success and the effectiveness of our counseling and transfer support services. We are particularly proud of the achievements of our Latinx and African American/Black students, highlighting the commitment to equity at Crafton Hills College."