Crafton Hills College student Ekaterina Vyun completes internship with City of Redlands
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Publish Date: Jan. 19, 2024

Ekaterina Vyun

Ekaterina Vyun recently finished an internship with the City of Redlands as a participant in Crafton Hills College’s internship program. The cities of Yucaipa and Calimesa will soon be added to this program, which provides practical work experience to CHC students who excel academically and want to experience real world careers. 

Reflecting on her internship, Ekaterina said that she valued the opportunity to put the knowledge she had acquired in the classroom into the practice in an office environment. She had learned how office work is organized and how to create business documents and messages from courses in business communications, composition and critical thinking, and business law. Working for the City, she learned how to apply this knowledge.

Asked about any difficulties she encountered, Ekaterina said, “I had received support at each step, from my application process till the end my internship.  I noticed that the most challenging was overcoming the language barrier as English is my second language, and learning to communicate fluently in English in an office environment was most important for me. I did this successfully thanks to the employees of the City of Redlands I worked with.” 

She added that her experience exceeded her expectations, saying, “I felt trust and support from the employees of City of Redlands, I was given interesting assignments and got answers to all my questions. I am grateful to the Crafton Hills College Career Center and the team of the City of Redlands for this opportunity.” 

The internship program is funded by the CHC Foundation and relies on the College’s Career Center to prepare students and support them during their participation. To learn more about the internship program visit: