Legacy Society Donor Event Unveils Commemorative Plaques in Honor of Generous Contributors
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Publish Date: Oct. 27, 2023

Legacy Wall

The Crafton Hills College Foundation hosted a reception to honor and celebrate the generosity of Legacy Society donors on October 20. 

Seventy engraved blocks serve as a lasting testament to the unwavering dedication of donors with cumulative gifts to the college and are prominently displayed in the Crafton Center, allowing all visitors to view and appreciate the profound impact of their philanthropy.

The ceremony included a reflection from Foundation Director and Legacy Society member, Barbara Smith who shared, “Having my name on the legacy wall is a very nice thank you for my donation to the college, however, the gratitude of being able to see my donations at work is beyond heart-warming.” 

Student, Daxter Serrato, provided an overview of how the funds they received helped them attend the National Conference for the Geological Society of America. Daxter explained how the extracurricular experience broadened their horizon about research topics. “I hope my story, and my hard work highlights the importance of our donors’ investments into the hopes and dreams of the students here at Crafton,” concluded Daxter. 

The CHC Foundation is a nonprofit corporation devoted exclusively to raising funds for scholarships, grants, and other types of assistance for CHC students and faculty. Cumulative contributions over $10,000 qualifies donors for acknowledgment on the Legacy Wall, which has a total of five levels of giving – Supporters ($10,000- $24,999), Collaborators ($25,000-$49,999), Innovators ($50,000-$99,999), Benefactors ($100,000-$499,999) and Visionaries ($500,000+) – but donations of any size are welcome. To learn more about the Foundation, visit www.craftonhills.edu/ foundation.

CHC Legacy Society Members


Stanley Krasovec 
Henry Stone & Elaine Rosen
Nicolas Campos 
Gloria & William Harrison 
Raymond Pryke 
Bill & Nelda Rankin 
Barbara L. Smith 


William & Paula Ahlborn
Forrest & Valorie Greek
Michael Orland
Diane Pfahler


Donald & Carol Averill
David Avila & Ellen Benefiel
Gordon & Sara Clopine
Donna M. Ferracone 
Edward Jones
Richard & Theresa Larsen
Steve & Rebeccah Marlatt 
Patrick & Cheryl Marshall 
Brandon & Julie McKee 
Wayne & Doris Milloy 
Dr. Phong Nguyen 
Donald Nydam 
James & Theresa Ramos 
Harvey Ricketts & Betty Jo Wood 
Laura & Jon Winningham


Michael & Carla Alder 
Kenneth Ray & Beverly Jean Amsden 
Patricia Atherton 
Leroy & Marilyn Balch 
Cheryl Bardowell 
Paul & Joann Barich
Bruce & Elizabeth Baron 
Jane K. Beitscher 
Win & Bette Carl 
Ray & Margie Casey 
Rejoice & Louis Chavira 
William & Lillian Clopine 
Larry & Linda Cook 
Cheryl Cox 
Kathryn Crow 
Kenneth & Wynona Duvall 
Louis & Patricia Gomez 
Douglas C. Heller-Taylor 
Leon & Francine Hellerman 
Kevin & Erica Horan 
Larry & Stephanie Houston 
Brent & Sherry Hunter 
Sam Irwin 
JoAnne Jesson 
Nancy & Gary Kasin 
Susan Kean 
Thomas & Josie Konzem 
Robert B. Martin & Mary E. Goldsboro 
Alaina Mathews 
Rick & Amy Minjares 
William & Linda Nassar 
Charlie & Tommi Ng 
David & Diane Raley 
Sam & Michelle Riggs 
Diana Rodriguez & Jeff Barraza 
Michael & Amy Strong 
Dwight Tate & Katherine Wright 
Bob & Judy Tyson 
Teresa L. Wallin 
Greg & Leslie Wessels 
Sherri Wilson 
Daniel & Celia Word 
Keith & Sheri Wurtz 
June C. Yamamoto