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Please answer the following questions as accurately as you can.

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Technical Skills Quiz
  1. * All answers are required
  2. 1. I currently have: *
  3. 2. I would rate my skill in using a word-processing program as.... *
  4. 3. I would rate my knowledge and use of email as... *
  5. 4. Please select the statement that best applies... *
  6. 5. If instructed to download a software program, I would... *
  7. 6. Please select the statement that best fits for you... *
  8. 7. How many hours a week do you currently spend on your computer? *
  9. 8. When asked to copy and paste text from one document to another, I would... *
  10. 9. When asked to convert a file to a "rich-text" format in a word-processing program, I would... *
  11. 10. Please indicate the current speed of your modem... *