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Step 4: Discussing and analyzing the collected evidence

Once assessment has taken place, faculty and departments shall meet to discuss the data collected, and determine the degree to which students met the learning expectations as articulated by the Learning Outcome. The importance of this dialogue for the improvement of student learning cannot be understated. This is where meaning from the process is derived – where perspectives become informed, where insights are sharpened, and where opportunities for innovating practice can be realized. For faculty who have experienced the full cycle of assessment, the dialogue stage is most often the most invigorating part of this process. On the other hand, faculty who have not made it this far in the cycle, nor had the opportunity to participate in a collaborative dialogue to derive meaning from the cycle, may likely remain skeptical of the whole SLO process, and continue to view this as an exercise to satisfy external pressures such as accreditation.


For assistance in guiding a discussion about SLO Evidence, the following handout is provided: