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(CHC)2 Mentoring Program 
Colleagues Helping Colleagues


To increase employee morale and efficiency by developing a culture that values continual learning and collegial support.


(CHC)2 has been created in direct response to Objective 2.1 of the CHC Educational Master Plan, which calls for the establishment of a welcome program for new employees, including a system for volunteer mentor assignments, with appropriate training. Ideally, (CHC)2 will help the college to create a more inclusive community of well-informed and efficient employees.


(CHC)2 aims to improve the preparedness of all full-time employees, to sustain their morale, and to make them more comfortable, knowledgeable, effective, and accountable.

Program Description

(CHC)2 is a structured two-semester learner-centered mentorship program that is based upon several assumptions about the nature of successful mentoring relationships, including the following:

  • Mentoring can be a significant growth experience for both the mentor and the protégé. Mentors will learn about their protégé, themselves, and the college and district.
  • Mentoring is a process of engagement. No one can mentor without connection. In fact, mentoring is most successful when it is done collaboratively. Commitment by and engagement of mentoring partners is a key element in establishing, maintaining, and experiencing successful mentoring relationships.
  • Facilitating successful mentoring is a reflective practice that takes preparation and dedication. It begins with self-learning.
  • Mentoring with staying power focuses on the learners, the learning process, and the learning.

(CHC)2 program participants will be asked to meet certain expectations established by the program and to define their own goals as well.

The program will schedule one monthly meeting. In addition, participants will be expected to meet at least once per month independently.

Apply to serve as a mentor for 2015-2016.

Request a mentor for 2015-2016.