Fall Flex and In-Service 2023
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Welcome Back Roadrunners,

I am pleased to be able to present to you this year’s robust Fall Flex and In-Service schedule of workshops.  There are numerous opportunities for you to explore a wide variety of topics that are designed to enhance your ability to support student success at Crafton Hills College.   

Upon viewing the workshop schedule, you will notice some major changes for this year.  Starting this fall, all in-service workshops and activities will return to on-campus offerings.  Also, we will begin the week with workshops and end with the all-campus meeting on  Friday, August 11th.

We are providing both a continental breakfast and lunch on Friday, I hope you will take advantage of this time to break bread with each other.

All of Student Services will be closed until 2:00pm on Friday 8/11 to enable staff and faculty in these areas to be able to participate in the morning and early afternoon sessions.  Student Services will re-open from 2:00pm – 4:30pm.

As you move in and out of this Fall’s offerings, please take a moment to complete the workshop evaluation provided on the schedule. 

A huge thanks to the members of our incredible Professional Development Committee.