Student Equity and Achievement Committee - Crafton Hills College
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The Student Equity and Achievement Committee (SEAC) is charged with developing and overseeing the implementation of the Student Success Plan and the Student Equity Plan for the college. Specifically, the SEA Committee addresses the recruitment, admission, retention, and success of all students, including the development of support services and programs for transitioning students to higher levels of learning.


  • Vice President, Student Services (co-chair)
  • Vice President, Instruction (co-chair)
  • Two Deans (Dean of Counseling and Dean of Language, Arts, and Mathematics)
  • A minimum of six faculty (including a faculty member from Academic Senate, English, mathematics, a Guided Pathways Lead, the Tutoring Center Coordinator, and one counselor)
  • One Classified Senate Representative from Student Services
  • One CSEA Representative
  • and One Student Senate appointee

Term: Two Years (for appointees)

Recommended Representation:

  • DSPS/EOPS/CARE/CalWORKS/Guardian Scholars
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Life
  • Veterans
  • Admissions and Records