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Committee Charge

The charge of the Planning and Program Review (PPR) Committee is to advance continual, sustainable quality improvement at all levels of the institution.  Toward that end, the committee conducts a thorough and comprehensive review of each unit at the college on a cyclical basis and oversees the annual college-wide planning process.  The results of planning and program review inform the integrated planning and resource allocation process at the college, and are aligned with the district strategic planning process. The committee relies on quantitative and qualitative evidence to evaluate programs, develop recommendations to the President, and determine and implement improvements to the PPR process.


  • Two Vice Presidents (VPAS, VPSS or VPI)
  • Six additional faculty (one designated as co-chair, at least one from Student Services and one is recommended from each of the instructional divisions)
  • One classified representative
  • One Student Senate appointee
  • Dean, Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning (co-chair)


  • Artour Aslanian
  • Shirley Juan
  • Meridyth McLaren
  • Julie McKee - Co-Chair
  • Karen Peterson
  • Nick Reichert
  • Giovanni Sosa - Co-Chair
  • Mike Strong
  • Keith Wurtz
  • Student - Vacant

Term: Two years (for appointees)


Planning & Program Review Materials

The Planning and Program Review Handbook, 5th Edition contains the questions and rubrics for the Program Review and Planning processes. The PPR Web Tool for completing program review is available at the following link: .  Use your regular network email login and password to access the PPR Web Tool