The Institutional Effectiveness, Accreditation, and Outcomes Committee will facilitate sustainable continuous quality improvement of the organization. The members will:
  1. Fulfill their responsibilities as described in Committee Responsibilities in the CHC Organizational Handbook.
  2. Become knowledgeable about Accreditation processes and standards and serve as a resource to the campus.
  3. Guide the accreditation process for the entire college, including:
    • Develop timelines, policies, and procedures for accreditation within the guidelines provided by ACCJC (Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges).
    • Recommend and support training for faculty, staff, and management with regard to accreditation standards, policies, and procedures.
  4. Guide the Outcomes Assessment process for the entire college, including:
    • Develop a college assessment plan that is easy to use and meaningful
    • Develop best practices for creating and assessing outcomes (SLOs, SAOs, ILOs).
    • Provide meaningful feedback, suggestions, and guidance on outcome assessment process for the purpose of improvement.
    • Coordinate training for faculty, staff, and management with regard to outcomes and their assessment.
  5. Provide a forum for on-going dialogue with regard to Accreditation and Outcomes Assessment (SLOs/SAOs).
  6. Recommend  staff and faculty membership of Accreditation subcommittees to the President.
  7. Serve as co-chairs on accreditation standard subcommittees.
  8. Recommend to the President a list of qualifies candidates for the task of editing Accreditation reports.
  9. Review and provide input on midterm, follow-up, and other special reports to the Commission. If requested by the ALO, help draft such reports.
  10. The committee co-chairs will coordinate the preparation of the self-study. The standards subcommittee co-chairs will coordinate the preparation of their respective sections of the self-study with input from the committee and the ALO.
  11. Report to the Crafton Council.
  12. Encourage members of the college community to serve on accreditation teams.


  • Accreditation Liaison Officer (co-chair)
  • Vice President, Instruction or designee
  • Vice President, Student Services or designee
  • Vice President, Administrative Services or designee
  • Dean, Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning
  • two Deans (including one each from Instruction and Student Services,)
  • a minimum of eight faculty (including the Instructional Assessment Specialist, one Academic Senate Executive Member, and at least one faculty from Student Services)
  • one Classified Senate representative
  • one CSEA representative
  • and one Student Senate appointee

Term: Two Years (for appointees)