Crafton Council - Crafton Hills College
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The Crafton Council serves as the shared governance body of the campus. Its charge is to oversee issues related to accreditation; to integrate college plans and to serve as the advisory body to the President on issues of planning and program review and the relationship to resource allocation. The Crafton Council meets bi-monthly.


The Crafton Council is the central deliberative collegial body at Crafton Hills College. The primary shared governance committees report to Crafton Council. The fundamental purpose is to provide information and facilitate communication and governance. The Crafton Council:

  1. Serves as the primary committee to address participatory governance issues.
  2. Provides information to and models best practices for participatory governance committees.
  3. Assumes oversight and maintenance of the CHC Organizational Handbook.
  4. Monitors Policies and Administrative Regulations related to participatory governance, and recommends modifications thereof, or new Policies or Administrative Regulations, as needed.
  5. Coordinates and facilitates the systematic evaluation of governance structures and processes.
  6. Promotes plan integration and alignment and recommends corrective action as necessary.
  7. Relies on research, evidence, and learning assessment results to inform participatory governance planning and decision-making.
  8. Facilitates the revisions and forwards the college Mission, Vision and Values to the Board of Trustees when applicable.


  • President
  • Vice President of Instruction
  • Vice President of Student Services
  • Vice President of Administrative Services
  • President, Academic Senate
  • Vice President of Support, Academic Senate
  • Vice President of Outreach, Academic Senate
  • President, Classified Senate
  • CSEA representative
  • CTA representative
  • President, Student Senate
  • The Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning serves as a resource person as needed.

Term: Assignments are made by institutional role, hence there is no specific term.