Understanding APs and BPs - Crafton Hills College
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For a full list of AP’s and BP’s, see the Board Policy and Administrative Procedures page of the SBCCD website

Basics of AP’s and BP’s 

The Board Policy outlines the specific requirements of the board related the operations of the district and colleges. The Administrative Procedure details how the policy will be carried out or fulfilled. In simplest terms, the BP is the “what we will do” and the AP is the “how we will do it.”  

However, in some cases there are policies that do not require procedures (e.g. BP 4030: Academic Freedom) as well as procedures that do not have an associated policy (e.g. AP 6350: Contracts-Construction). In these cases, the AP’s and BP’s still follow the same basic rules: a BP is a requirement and an AP is an action. 

AP\BP Schedule 

The Academic Senate agenda typically contains a list of AP’s and BP’s moving through the District Assembly Agenda. Please see the District Assembly page of the SBCCD website for agendas detailing the AP and BP.