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Patient Bill of Rights

In order to achieve the most successful outcomes from the medical care system, providers would do well to acknowledge the following patient rights. Patients have the right to:

  • Prompt care for urgent problems (risk of life or limb).
  • Confidentiality.
  • Privacy during examinations or history taking.
  • Information about the diagnosis or treatment plan.
  • Accept or refuse treatment.
  • Information about fees.
  • Request a different clinician if there is a personality conflict.
  • Obtain copies of any of your records.
  • Refuse requests to let medical students or trainees examine you.
  • Training and instruction on medical self-care.
  • Prompt referral to specialists when appropriate.
  • Be treated as a person rather than a disease entity.

Patient Bill of Responsibilities

In order to achieve the most successful outcomes from the medical care system, consumers would do well to accept the following responsibilities. Patients have the responsibility to:

  • Understand the health care system.
  • Learn what part you can play in avoiding illness.
  • Give accurate information about your health and medical history.
  • Report any changes in your health status promptly.
  • Develop self-care skills such as self-breast or self-testes examination.
  • Assume an active role in your health care.
  • Keep scheduled appointments or call early to cancel.
  • Provide Constructive feedback to your clinician if you are not satisfied.
  • Follow through on the treatment plan agreed upon by you and your health professional.
  • Pay for services promptly or make financial arrangements.
  • Acquire accurate information about personal health as a basis for making informed choices.
  • Report any dissatisfaction or errors in records to the health professional.