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To provide students with access to a dynamic, high-quality and comprehensive education that advances their success in an engaging, student-centered online learning environment, Crafton Hills College offers 100% online degree programs and certificates and blended online and face-to-face programs and certificates.

100% Online Major Course Work*

*Lab courses for general education will need to be completed face-to-face. All major course work is online.


General Course Information

For descriptions of each class, please refer to the 2022-2023 Course Catalog.
For information on course offerings, please refer to the Class Schedule - Fall 2022.

Course Sections

In the class schedule, all sections in the 70s are online or hybrid. The "notes:" section under each class contains information about class delivery and whether the class is online or hybrid. For example, Math-095-71 is an online class and Phil-101-71 is a hybrid class with some face-to-face meetings and some content online.

 General Education Program options have approximately 90% of the required courses approved for Distance Education (DE) delivery. The linked PDF files show the courses approved for DE delivery in bolded red text.