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Benefits of an Online or Hybrid Course

The benefit of an online or hybrid education course is its flexibility. The fact that the course is offered at a distance makes it possible for highly-motivated and well-organized students to learn without the obligation of attending class on campus once, twice or three times a week. Having said that, online and hybrid courses require students be independent learners. "With great freedom comes great responsibility."

To succeed, you must:

  • Demonstrate dedication, self-motivation, and the ability to work independently
  • Demonstrate concern for your performance throughout the course, not just during the last few weeks of the semester.
  • Schedule several times each week which you will devote to your online course, in the same way you attend a traditional class at the same time each week.

Are you ready to succeed online? To find out if online learning is a good fit for your learning style, you will want to complete the Quest for Online Student Success Course, preferably before the beginning of the new term.

Accessing the Quest for Online Student Success Course

To access the Quest Course you need to be logged into Canvas. Note: The first time you access the Quest for Online Student Success course you will need to choose "Join this course" (on the right side of the window - after you login). The Quest Course is not only designed to help you assess your readiness to learn online, but will also provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to help you succeed in your online course(s).

The Quest Course Modules

  • Students new to online learning, should begin with Quest Module 1.  Modules 1-4 are designed primarily for students who are new to online learning, have previously not done well in an online course, and/or are interested in learning how to be a better online student.
  • Experienced online learners begin with Module 4.  Modules 4-9 are designed primarily for experienced online learners and/or any learner looking for resources to enhance college success.

Navigating the Quest Course

The next button at the end of each page moves you through the Quest Course Modules in a somewhat linear but not always logical fashion.  When starting a new Module it is best to return to the Course Modules link on the left menu to proceed through the new Module. Each Module in the Quest Course also includes a graded quiz. The points on these quizzes are for self-assessment purposes only.  Note: The Quest for Online Student Success Course is NOT a credit course!!! 

Access Online Courses

You will be able to access your online course(s) (once your instructor(s) make the course(s) available) by clicking on either the classes or dashboard menu item on the left hand navigation menu on the Canvas site.  (NOTE: most online courses do not open until the first day of the term or a few days before). You will want to contact the course instructor if you have any questions or concerns about a particular online class.