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Online Courses

Online courses are identical in content to traditional face-to-face courses, however there are no regularly scheduled on-campus meetings. Courses are conducted completely online. Students complete scheduled assignments/activities with due dates, but may read (watch or listen to) lectures at their own pace and often at times convenient to their schedule (within requirements of the assignments) from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection provided they meet the due dates assigned by the instructor.


A Special Note On Variation

Online and hybrid courses will vary from professor to professor just as traditional face-to-face courses do. Faculty will be available for assistance with coursework at regular intervals. Just as in face-to-face courses, instructors are not available 24/7. Some faculty will have virtual office hours while others will commit to responding to all email and phone messages within a prescribed period of time. Check your course syllabus to learn how and when to contact your instructor.