ILO Assessment Reports
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In an effort to help inform decision-making and facilitate the outcomes assessment process, the Outcomes Committee, directed the Office of Research and Planning to regularly publish the results from the Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO) process. Please click on the ILO assessment results below to see the results of the ILO assessment process at Crafton Hills College.

1. Critical Thinking: Students demonstrate critical thinking through decision-making, problem-solving, analysis of information, and creative thinking across the disciplines.

2. Written and Oral Communication: Students are able to express ideas clearly in a variety of formats and contexts; read, listen, and interpret accurately; and use appropriate technology to do so.

3. Interpersonal and Group Skills: Students are able to work with others with respect, honesty, responsibility, empathy, and collaborative synergy. They can also manage conflict and advocate for themselves and others with integrity.

4. Society and Culture: Students are able to describe the social, cultural, and political forces at work in our diverse, global world. They understand and appreciate different perspectives and are able to operate with civility in a complex world that involves changing social institutions and diverse world views.

5. Information Literacy: Students are able to apply research to access information and technology. They can analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and use information resourcefully.

6. Ethics and Values: Students make informed, principled choices; foresee the consequences of their choices; and solve moral dilemmas. They demonstrate self-awareness, social responsibility, and behavior guided by personal and professional ethics.