Hispanic Heritage Profile: Yasmeen Flores - Crafton Hills College
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Yasmeen Flores
CHC Student Trustee

What is your Hispanic heritage (ex: Guatemalan, Mexican, or Puerto Rican)?


Has your family always lived in the United States? If not, when did your family migrate to the United States?

No, my parents were born in Sinaloa, but my grandmother moved to the U.S. when my mother was about 6 years old.

What do you like most about your Hispanic heritage and why?

The food, lets be honest.

What made you decide to attend college?

No one in my family had ever graduated high school let alone go to college. This made me think that finishing school would be a tough task but I came to find out that it wasn’t so bad after all. The day I was handed my high school diploma I thought to myself “Why stop here? If I got through high school with little effort I know I can achieve great things with an education as my foundation.” Aside from that, CHC’s SOAR had come to my high school and made the application process less intimidating which encouraged me even more. Participating in SOAR made me feel like the staff at Crafton could help me with anything I needed if I just asked.

What is your current major?

Political Science

Where did you go to high school?

Redlands High School

Describe one obstacle you have faced while you have been a college student?

Trying to balance good grades, my social life, responsibilities at home, sitting on shared governance committees on campus, my involvement on the Student Government, work, and time for myself.

What certifications/scholarships/honors have you received?

Recognition from EOPS during the end of my Freshman year for maintaining a 3.0 GPA, certificate of completion of the CCLC 2013 Student Trustee Workshop

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Working at a law firm and spending my free time putting projects together that will benefit those around me as well as those in need.

Describe your favorite experience that you’ve had at Crafton Hills College?

My favorite experience would have to be the time I was invited to attend and participate in the SSEEMM retreat last year. I had the opportunity to chat with those in attendance and while I listened to their words it hit me that Crafton has staff/faculty who truly do care about student success, they don’t just do it for a paycheck. At the same time I was able to provide my input and give the viewpoint that no one else would ever think about because I held a student perspective. At the end of the last day I left the retreat feeling like I had served a purpose there. It made me realize that even though I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my future that I do have a purpose and will find it by doing positive, constructive things.