Hispanic Heritage Profile: Joshua Montejano - Crafton Hills College
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Joshua Montejano
Crafton Hills College Student

What is your Hispanic heritage (ex: Guatemalan, Mexican, or Puerto Rican)?

I am Mexican.

Has your family always lived in the United States? If not, when did your family migrate to the United States?

My home has always been in the United States. I grew up in Michigan Cadillac, but now I live in Yucaipa.

What do you like most about your Hispanic heritage and why?

Such as many other ethnicities, my background allows me to be more familiar with the practices and values of my culture. Growing up in a small mostly Caucasian neighborhood in Cadillac Michigan helped me to realize the gap between racial stereotypes and plain ignorance. Most of my friends used the material they received from watching television to learn what a non-Caucasian person would be like. I was fortunate enough to help my fellow students to understand that television is not a reliable source for understanding other ethnic groups.

What made you decide to attend college?

My motivation for attending college was to further my education. As important, the job market is very competitive; an education would give me an edge in the future.

What is your current major?


Where did you go to high school?

Herbert Hoover High School

Describe one obstacle you have faced while you have been a college student?

An obstacle that I have faced in college has been trying find friends that value the same views that I do. Contradictory political views and morale ones do not break a friendship, but they can be an issue.

What certifications/scholarships/honors have you received?

I have received from the Lion’s Club International Disability Organization an award of one-hundred dollar savings-bond. Additionally I took part in a workability program in high school for disabled students in which I would work for an allotted time and then be paid through the government.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I hope to see myself in a stable career. I want to be fulfill all the skills that I have received as an English Major. My preferable career is to write short stories and poems.

Describe your favorite experience that you’ve had at Crafton Hills College?

My favorite experience at Crafton Hills College is when I discovered how friendly the employees were. The last college I attended some of the staff treated me with a less than cordial attitude