Hispanic Heritage Profile: Annaly Medrano - Crafton Hills College
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Annaly Medrano
Crafton Hills College Student

What is your Hispanic heritage (ex: Guatemalan, Mexican, or Puerto Rican)?

El Salvadorian and Mexican

Has your family always lived in the United States? If not, when did your family migrate to the United States?

Mother: Santa Ana, El Salvador, Father: Augas Calientes, Mexico

What do you like most about your Hispanic heritage and why?

I enjoy learning the history of El Salvadorian difficulties in the Civil War. My mother moved to the United States and her story during the war is inspires me to help understand multiple Hispanic countries struggle as well.

What made you decide to attend college?

My mother always pushed me to pursue higher education. I am extremely passionate on becoming a lawyer in the Criminal Justice Department.

What is your current major?

I am currently majoring in Criminology and Spanish

Where did you go to high school?

I attended Beaumont High School.

Describe one obstacle you have faced while you have been a college student?

The biggest obstacle I had in the beginning of my college experience was taking college serious. I was not involved on campus and I was missing an abundant amount of classes, causing me to get behind from my graduation and transferring goal.

What certifications/scholarships/honors have you received?

I have none. I did receive an award for the Student Recognition dinner by Lynn Lowe in the Reading Department.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I see myself pursuing my dream as a lawyer and also working in public service serving my local community in the Inland Empire.

Describe your favorite experience that you’ve had at Crafton Hills College?

My favorite experience was the Commencement Ceremony of 2013. I was able to hear amazing speeches and my favorite speech was by President of the college Cheryl Marshall. Also I got to see my closest friends from Student Senate walk on stage. I loved volunteering to help out during this event and it always brings me joys to lend a hand when I am needed.