Timeline - Crafton Hills College
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September 16, 1966
The Board accepts 163 acres in Yucaipa donated by philanthropists Ruben and Lester Finkelstein. (By the time the college was ready to open the gift of land had grown to 523 acres.)
October 24, 1967
Funding for construction of the CHC campus is approved by the citizens in the District in a special election. Architect E Stewart Williams of Palm Springs selected to design the college.
April 12, 1968
The Board chooses the name Crafton Hills College
July 1, 1969
Gordon Atkins appointed as Provost.
October 2, 1969
Ground is broken for the campus, although work began in August.


January 1970
Crafton enters into the accreditation process.
August 1, 1971
Foster Davidoff appointed as President.
President Foster Davidoff
Foster Davidoff
Summer 1972
Completion of first five buildings: Students Services, Classroom, Lab/Administration; Library (one-story), and Cafeteria.
September 11, 1972
Crafton Hills College, the 96th Community College in California, opens its doors for the first time. The CHC Foundation, a nonprofit corporation devoted to raising funds for scholarships, grants, and other types of assistance for CHC students, is established.
September 1972
Approximately 1,300 students enroll for the fall semester. Serving the students are 28 faculty and 24 classified staff.
May 1973
First commencement
June 1973
CHC granted candidacy to begin its accreditation process.
President Roger Anton
Roger Anton
The six-hole Golf Course is completed. The course is built to serve as a fire break along the edge of the Crafton Hills.
The Gym, the two Occupational Education Buildings and the Maintenance and Operations Pad are completed.
June 1975
CHC receives full accreditation.
President William J. Moore
William J. Moore
The second and third floors of the Library are completed and the Paramedic Program begins at CHC.
The CHC Finkelstein Performing Arts Center is completed.
The Chemistry Building is completed.


The Agricultural Building is completed. Later, it would be renovated and expanded to serve as the Child Care Center.
Acting President Glenn Gooder
President Donald L. Singer
Donald L. Singer


The CHC Child Care Center is completed.
Acting President Luis S. Gomez 
President Luis S. Gomez
 Luis S. Gomez


President Gloria Macias Harrison
Gloria Macias Harrison
The Student Services Annex is completed.
The Bookstore/Classroom Complex is completed.
Measure P passed by voters at $190 M
Approximately 5,300 students enroll for fall semester. Serving the students are 91 full-time faculty, 123 adjunct faculty, and 109 classified staff. 
Facilities Master Plan updated to include plans for an aquatics center and learning resource center and demolition of the original library.
The San Bernardino Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Training Center is opened at the San Bernardino Airport (former Norton Air Force Base).  Funded by a $12 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the educational component will be handled by CHC and the San Bernardino County Fire Department.
Measure M passed by voters at $500 M; $260 M realized. Infrastructure Improvements (2008-9): HVAC, Water, Gas, Data Backbone, Exterior Electrical, Lighting.
Construction begins at the CHC campus on the Learning Resource Center/Library and the Olympic sized pool.
July 2009
6 hole golf course closes. Putting green and hole #6 remain open for instruction.


August 2010
Learning Resource Center opened and includes a tutoring center, library with computer labs and study rooms, and an art gallery
Nov. 2010
Kinesiology, Health, Aquatics (KHA) and North Complex open

Occupational Education building (OE2) renovated

Solar farm opened

Old Library demolished

December 2012-June 2016

President Dr. Cheryl Marshall

Dr Cheryl Marshall

Maintenance & Operations (M&O pad) renovated

April 2013

Krasovec Simulation Center named with one million dollar endowment to support the simulation program.


Fitness center and dance studio added to KHA
December 2015
Crafton Center (CCR) Public Safety and Allied Health (PSAH) and Canyon Hall (CYN) open
December 2015

Henry Stone STEM Success Center named with endowment of $100,000 to support activities in STEM.


 May 2016

Dr. Daniel Bahner Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning named with endowment in the amount of $25,000 to support professional development and scholarship for an honors student.

May 2016

Betty Byron Memorial Atrium named with endowment of $25,000 to support textbooks for check out in the library.

July 2016-March 2018

President Dr. Wei Zhou


Ground floor of LADM renovated for Veterans’ Center

Student Services Administration (SSA) renovated for faculty offices and renamed Clock Tower Building


Measure CC passed by voters at $470 M

August 2018-December 2018

Interim President Dr. Audre Levy

January 2019-Present
President Dr. Kevin Horan


Fall 2020
Remaining hole and putting green of golf course close.
Old Gym demolished


Demolish: Old Finkelstein Performing Arts Center (PAC), Occupational Education 1 (Art), Central Complex 2 (old cafeteria), East Classroom Building. Add new Performing Arts Center, Instruction Building, Gym, Soccer Field and renovate CDC, SSB, CHL, CNTL 2

Add: new Performing Arts Center, Instruction Building, Gym, Soccer Field. Renovate CDC, SSB, CHL, CNTL 2