District Print Shop (New Service as of Fall 2015)

You may order copies through our District print shop using the Print Shop Pro program. The process is easy. Log in from the Print Shop Pro WebDesk, or register if you are a first-time user. Use exactly the same user name and password as you do for your District email account. Please do not register more than once.

Activation of your account will take a day or two. Then you will get an email confirming that your registration has been completed and your account is active. Please wait for this conformation before trying to place an order. Once you have received confirmation that you are registered, you can order on-line by going to the Print Shop Pro site and clicking Order Online with Print Shop Pro.  Put in your user name and password (the same as your college email log-in).  Then click on Log-in (Upper right hand corner) and then New Order. The next page asks you to submit a file attachment.  Click Yes, then browse your files and download the document. Please note that your document should be in or compatible with Microsoft document formats.

Complete the information and click Continue for the next few pages, which give you different options (e.g., stapling, binding, folding).  You will find your account number for your department on the summary page.   Except for categorical programs, such as EOPS, your department is not charged. Check over the information and then click submit.  You will receive a confirmation on your college email with the ticket number.  At this point, you can log out or place another order. Most orders will be delivered to your campus mailbox within 48 hours.

High-Speed Self Service Copiers (Expanded Service)

You may also use one of our many new high-capacity, color copiers on campus. The copiers are located in CTB-309, ARTS-118, and LRC-107. You may copy documents from a hard copy by following the simple directions posted near the copier or you may copy documents from a campus computer connected to a nearby copier. If you are a full-time instructor, your office computer is set up to print at a near-by copier. If you are a part-time instructor, you may copy from a computer available to part-time faculty.  You will need to see Tracy Gray (LRC-115) to establish your user profile.

CHC Staff Support (Expanded Service)

We will continue to offer support through Alyssa Taylor with backup support from Instruction Office staff. Alyssa Taylor can be contacted at Extension 3310 or emailed at teachaid@sbccd.cc.ca.us. You may also contact staff in the instruction office for general assistance between the hours of 8AM and 8PM.