The Technology Planning Committee is charged with relying on research and evidence-based decision making to develop and oversee a comprehensive technology plan for the college. The Technology Planning Committee meets quarterly.


One Dean each from Instruction and Student Services; Director, Facilities, Maintenance and Operations; Director, Technology Services; Coordinator, Tutoring Center; Department Network Specialist; Web Developer; one faculty representative; one Classified Senate representative; one CSEA representative; one Student Senate appointee; one representative each from District Computing Services and the Educational Technology Committee.

Term: One Year (for appointees)

Crafton Hills College Technology Plan 2012 - 2015 (pdf)


This web page is designed to keep the CHC community informed of the activities of the Technology Planning Committee. Here, you'll find materials relevant to the technology planning process, as well as other items the committee has created or considered in their decision making.

As the chair of the Technology Committee I not only invite you to participate in the process of developing and maintaining our technology plan, but want to personally encourage you to make your voice heard so that technology use at Crafton Hills College works as effectively as possible for everyone. Please also note that there is a link to an area which allows anyone to submit their thoughts to the Technology Committee.

Wayne Bogh - Chair, Technology Planning Committee x3309

Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month in LRC-114 at 2:30pm.  Meetings are open to all.