Workshops & Lectures @ District and CHC “Art: Eyes on Healing” Schedule

Monday, March 27 @ San Bernardino Community College District Offices

114 S. Del Rosa Dr., San Bernardino

11:30 am Lunch at District

LECTURES/WORKSHOP Topic Parallels: Medicine + Art

1-1:30 pm Yumiko Kikuchi -lecture “Ishinho: The oldest medical book” by Maki sensei

1:45-3 pm Tomoko Tanuma - lecture & workshop “ Facial and Scalp Massage with Teishin”

3:15-4 pm Okada Hiroko -lecture “Consideration of Traditional Japanese
Medicine: A Focus on Manga”

4:15- 5 pm Mikio Kawasaki -workshop “I Ching and Five Elements Treatment


Tuesday, March 28 @ CHC

Workshops topic: Bringing a Balance into Daily Life

9-11:15 am workshops with art students: Takeshi Kanemura “Burgundy”

Hiroshi Shimizu “Catch The Rhythm /Make Noise”

 Satomi Akutsu “Hello, New Myself” @ LRC-110 or ART-101



Noon – 2 pm Gallery Opening Reception  @ LRC 227  with ongoing outdoor Kaya Moxibustion Experience with Yumiko Kikuchi

Parallels: Medicine + Art : A Poetry of Acupuncture, the exhibition featuring holistic practice of the  Acupuncture, and  Moxibustion tools/supplies in a dialogue with artistic reflections on arts and healing.


LECTURES Topic Symbolic Language of Art, Rituals and Healing @ LRC 226/LRC 110

1-1:45 pm Takeshi workshop/lecture: “Performance Art & Healing” @ LRC-110 with Art 105 students

2-2:45pm Mikio Kawasaki -lecture “Yin/Yang and Five Elements in Philosophy of Healing and Arts” @ LRC-226

3-3:45 pm Gershom, Rob Spruijt, Ph.D. -lecture “The Aesthetics of the Mind” @ LRC-226

4-4:45 pm Susana de la Peña, Ph.D. -lecture “ Invoking Ixchel, Mayan Goddess of Healing via women’s healing narratives” @ LRC-226

5-5:45 pm Kazmier Maslanka -workshop on constructing “Proportional Poems” and using mathematical substitution to create new expressions @ LRC-226

Yumiko Kikuchi -poster Japanese Acupuncture Tradition – in front of LRC Gallery, ongoing


Wednesday, March 29 @ CHC

Workshops topic: Bringing a Balance into Daily Life

12:30-1:15 pm Yumiko Kikuchi & Ishikura Katsuhiko -workshop “Versatility of Mugwort; from food to medicine” food tasting & Japanese tea @ LRC-226

1:30-2:30 pm Yukiko Shimizu – workshop “Introspection” Judo Therapy @ LRC-226


Thursday, March 30 @ CHC

Workshops topic: Present and Past in holistic treatments

9 -11:15 am -workshop Hiroko Okada & friends “Manga & Healing” @ ART-101

1-2 pm  Mikio Kawasaki – workshop  experience in “ Shakujyuu and Moxibustion treatment” @ Library or LRC-226

2:15pm -3:15pm Tomoko Tanuma - workshop “Facial and Scalp Massage with Teishin”@ Library or LRC-226

4 -6 pm PERFORMANCE ART @ PAC THEATER with Q & A Collaboration between Japanese artists with Dance/Theater students and Obsidian Club


Friday, March 31 @ CHC

1-3 pm -workshop Hiroko Okada & friends “Manga & Healing” with Manga Club @ PAC-309  (repeat from 3/30)


3-5 pm  EXCHANGE:  Artists & Students walk  through Collaborative Installations & Performances (5 minutes per performance). Starts from the LRC Gallery and moving to a different locations on the campus. (TBA)  Ends at the LRC Gallery.