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Associate Degree in Anthropology


Museum technician, $30,000*

Research analyst, $62,000*

Research assistant, $46,000*

Assistant archeologist, $44,000*

Anthropologists and Archeologists $69,294.74**

Anthropology and Archeology Teacher Postsecondary, $99,925.13**

*Simply Hired: Riverside County

**Source: EMSI, 2021.1 dataset for San Bernardino and Riverside counties

Career Info

An associate of arts in anthropology degree can lead to work as an assistant doing ground-level research and writing surveys while also providing the foundation for four-year college studies in anthropology. Further anthropological study can lead to both traditional anthropological careers of teaching and research, as well as careers in applied anthropology. Academic anthropologists find careers in anthropology departments, social science departments, and a variety of other departments or programs, such as medicine; epidemiology; public health; ethnic, community, or area studies; linguistics; cognitive psychology; and neural science.

Potential Careers

  • Museum technician
  • Anthropologist
  • Academic instructor
  • Research analyst
  • Research assistant
  • Assistant archeologist