Associate Degree in Physics


Medical lab technician, $31,000* Engineering aide, $36,000* Researcher, $61,000 Allied Health professional, $64,000* Systems Analyst, $61,000* Physics Teachers, Postsecondary, $77,390 Physicists, $91,490

*Annual median salary, 2013, Simply Hired: Riverside area *Bureau of Labor Statistics 2013 annual mean wage. Most positions require bachelor’s degree or above.

Career Info

An associate of science in physics degree provides the foundation for careers in teaching, applied physics and in interdisciplinary areas such as astronomy, biophysics, environmental science, oceanography, and scientific instrumentation. It is also the foundation for four-year college studies in physics and other sciences, including chemistry, oceanography, seismology and astronomy. Many people earn advanced degrees in physics go into engineering jobs.

Potential Careers

  • Physics Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Physicists
  • Medical lab technician
  • Engineering aide
  • Researcher
  • Allied Health professional
  • Systems Analyst
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Finance
  • Engineer
  • Biologist