Associate Degree in Biology


Biological technician, $33,000*

Forest or conservation technician, $37,460*

Medical or clinical lab technician, $31,000*

Medical assistant, $37,000*

Veterinary assistant, $37,000*

Biochemist, $91,640**

Microbiologist, $75,230**

Biological scientist, $75,160**

Food scientist/technologist, $65,340**

Environmental scientist, $70,770**

Agricultural and Food Science Technicians $45,078.51***

Biological Science Teacher, Postsecondary $99,925.13***

Biological Scientists, All Other $78,390.67***

Biological Technicians $47,880.77***

Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health $85,042.74***

Microbiologists $98,978.80***

*Simply Hired: Riverside County

**Bureau of Labor Statistics 2013 annual mean wage. Most positions require bachelor’s degree or above.

***Source: EMSI, 2021.1 dataset for San Bernardino and Riverside counties

Career Info

An associate of science degree in biology can lead to an eventual career in fields such as research, health care, applied/field biology, education, business and consulting, technology and communication. Courses can be the foundation for four-year college studies in various biology fields.

Potential Careers

  • Health (hospitals, clinics or health departments)
  • Technicians (biological, biomedical, genetic, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries)
  • Sales and marketing (scientific, biomedical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and agricultural businesses)
  • Research (university, museum, industry, medical and government agencies)
  • Conservation biology and natural resources (non-profit and public agencies)
  • State and federal agencies (Department of Natural Resources, Forest Service, EPA and BLM)
  • Secondary education (requires teaching certificate)