Volume Topic 
 57 National Student Enrollment Patterns and Implications for Enrollment Strategies
 56 Study on Early Assessment Program (EAP) Placement Test Effectiveness
 55 Value of Birthstone on GPA upon Graduation
 54 2017 Student Equity Results
 53 Spring 2016 Student Satisfaction Survey Results
 52 Supporting Growth by Increasing Retention and Decreasing Attrition
 51 Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) Targets
 50 Effective Leadership
 49 Student Learning Outcomes & Course Syllabi
 48 Students' Completion of CSU's Golden Four Transfer Areas
 47 Improving Student Equity and Access through Marketing Efforts
 46 The impact of Tutoring Center Utilization on Course Success
 45 CHC and College Rankings
 44 Quantitative Effectiveness Indicators (QEIs) and IEPI Dashboards
 43 Degree and Certificate Completion Dashboard
 42 CHC Student Success Rates by Zodiac Sign
 41 Student Satisfaction Survey Results, Spring 2014
 40 CHC is Ninth Fastest Growing Community College in US
 39 Strengths and Challenges of Middle College Programs
 38 Fall 2012 and 2013 Left Lane Students
 37 2014 Student Equity Data Summary
 36 Budget Process at Crafton Hills College
 35 CCCSE Study on Impact of Part-Time Faculty on College Campuses
 34 African American and Hispanic Male Students
 33 2012-2013 CHC Progress on QEIs
 32 Fall 2013 Low Income Crafton Students
 31 Impact of Course Length on Student Course Success
 30 Informed & Uninformed Educational Goals at CHC