We are constantly adding new activities for PD, so please check back from time to time. (:

Fall 2017


August 10th:  FLEX DAY

       Disabled Student Services: Policies and Guidelines - Morning session   - Monique Marrujo

      Beginning to look at life through a different set of lenses: how to be your own best friend during tough                       times- Evan Sternard

      Intro to Equity Workshop for Faculty Staff: Heather Luth

      Intro to Equity Workshop for Admin/Managers: Heather Luth

      Starfish Morning Session ( 2 hours)

      Starfish Afternoon Session (2 hours)

     Voice Coaching for Speaking and Teaching - Rene Urbanovich


       ABC's of SLO's - Sabrina Jimenez

      Career Center- Trinette Barrie 10-11am and 2-3pm

      Bridging the Gap between Veterans and Civilian Life - Sabrina 

     Assistive Technology  - Val Rodriguez 1-1:50

     PT Orrientation:

     Session 1

          Starfish - Breanna

          Day of Advocacy - Jimmy 

          Best Practices Instructors can Implement Whether Students are Second Language Students…or Not:                               Elizabeth Langenfield

          Career Center - Trinette

     Session 2


            8 Things to do on the First Day of Class - Robert Brown

             Safety Talk - arrange with Chris Tamayo


Wed Aug 16th: Canvas By Appt:   LRC 110

Friday Aug 18th from 11:30-1pm  Opening of Veterans Resource Center

                   PLEASE RSVP:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/grand-opening-chc-veterans-resource-                     center-tickets-31495710518

Tue Aug 22nd:  Canvas By Appt:  LRC 110

Wed August 30th:  Equity Certificate Session 12-12:50pm  Race & Ethnicity 

Wed August 30th:  Intro to Canvas  12-1pm and 2-3pm LRC 110


 Tue Sept 5th:  Creating and Orgnaizing Materials in Cavas 1-2pm and 3-4pm LRC 110

Wed Sept 6      Equity Certificate Session :Socioeconomic Status  12-12:50pm 

Thur Sept 7th   Evan Workshop Series - 1-1:50

Tue Sept 12th:  CHC Crash Course for faculty on Cool Espanol Susana De La Pena  1-1:50 pm Cafe

Wed Sept 13th     Equity Certificate Session :Foster Youth  12-12:50pm 

Wed Sept 13th:  Communications and Interactions with Canvas Tools 12-1 and 2-3pm LRC 110

Tue Sept 19th: Assessment in Canvas 1-2 and 3-4pm LRC 110

Wed Sept 20th   Equity Certificate Session: Ability and Disability 12-12:50pm 

Wed Sept 27th   Equity Certificate Session: Non-Traditional Student  12-12:50pm 

Wed  Oct 4th   Equity Certificate Session::  Veteran and Military Students  12-12:50pm 

Thur Oct 5th - Evan Workshop Series

Wed Oct 11th    Equity Certificate Session 12-12:50pm LGBTQ

 Wed Oct 18th 12-12:50 pm for faculty/staff  Equity in Action Brainstorm/Focus

Thur Oct 19th 1-1:50pm  for admin/manager   Equity in Action Brainstorm/Focus

Wed Oct 25th:  Intro to Canvas 12-1 and 2-3pm LRC 110

Tue Oct 31st:  Creating and Organizing Materials in Canvas 1-2 and 3-4pm LRC 110

Thur Nov 2nd:  Evan Workshop Series

Wed Nov 8th:  Communications and Interactions with Canvas Tools 12-1 and 2-3pm LRC 110

Tue Nov 14th Assessment in Canvas 1-2 and 3-4pm LRC 110

Wed Nov 15th 12-12:50 faculty/staff    Equity in Action:   Follow-up Brainstorm

Thur Nov 16th 1-1:50 pm admin/manager  Equity in Action:  Follow-up Brainstorm

Wed Nov 29th:  Canvas By Appt Sessions:  LRC 110

Tue Dec 5th:  Canvas By Appt Sessions: LRC 110


 Dates TBA:  SLO/Assessment and Outcomes Certificate 
Dates TBA: Sexperts: Asexuality,  Disability and Prositution, Sex Trafficking

Creativity Connection - Rene Urbanovich


Spring 2018

Wed Jan 31st: 12-12:50pm faculty/staff  Equity Practitioner Spring Sessions:

Thur Feb 1st: 1-1:50pm admin/manager   Equity Practitioner Spring Sessions:

Wed March 28th 12-12:50 faculty/staff   Equity Practitioner Spring Sessions:

Thur March 29th  1-1:50pm admin/manager   Equity Practitioner Spring Sessions: