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One Book One College
June 18, 2020

One Book One College

Online Answer Center
May 27, 2020

Online Answer Center

Student Speaker, Karina Lewis
May 26, 2020

Crafton Hills Celebrates 48th Annual Commencement with Virtual Ceremony

The 48th Annual Commencement Ceremony at Crafton Hills College was held virtually on Friday, May 22. The ceremony was prerecorded, but the link didn't go live until 6 p.m. Viewers had a choice to stream the event through Youtube or Facebook through the homepage of the Crafton Hills College website. The event incorporated all traditional elements of the in-person ceremony including individual recognition of the 237 graduates who signed up to participate. The ceremony began with the song "Pomp and Circumstance" while a montage of videos featuring faculty and staff waving and cheering for the graduates set a celebratory tone.

Roadruuner with
May 26, 2020

Crafton Hills Multimedia Students Participate in Logo Design Contest

Students enrolled in a Crafton Hills College (CHC) multimedia design class engaged in a contest funded by the CHC Foundation. The class was challenged to design a logo that could be used for the college's athletics program.

Child interacting with CDC teacher on a tablet
May 26, 2020

Child Development Center

Learning continues, even for our youngest students at Crafton Hills College. Child development center teachers remain engaged with the children and families even during school site closure due to COVID 19. Students are provided virtual weekly activities, story times and even Zoom meetings in an effort to continue the early learning program provided by the campus.

Student Needs Survey Graph showing more than 18% needing Mental Health Services, more than 15% needing Rental Services, more than 15% for Utilities Assistance, more than 14% for Food Assistance, and about 8% for Medical Services (i.e. chat with Nurse Pra)
May 26, 2020

Student Needs Survey

As we transitioned to online instruction and services at Crafton Hills College, we asked students to respond to an online survey about the recent COVID-19 pandemic related changes. Their responses are being used to help Crafton Hills College develop interventions and offer additional support. Students were asked questions related to online student services, training needs, technical, personal, and financial support, and campus communications. There were 827 surveys collected. The results of this survey will inform decisions to help students achieve their educational goals amidst this time of national emergency. As an example, please refer to the graph of self-reported personal student needs.

2019-20 Foundation Board of Directors
May 21, 2020

Foundation Scholarships 2020

Crafton’s scholarship program is funded through the Crafton Hills College Foundation. The Foundation supports the college by raising money and building relationships and partnerships to support the success of our students. Scholarships are made possible by more than 15 organizations and 100 individual donors, including each of our Foundation Directors.

Crafton Hills Fire Academy
April 29, 2020

Fire Academy - Through Fires and Flames

Amid campus closures and stay-at-home orders caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Crafton Hills Fire Academy has continued to meet and train students who will join the front lines with other first responders fighting fires and saving lives. Against all odds, 29 cadets will complete their Fire Academy training in mid-May.

Learning Resource Center
April 27, 2020

Virtual Student Awards

Each year, Crafton Hills College faculty and staff honor the best and brightest students from their programs with a Student of the Year award. Historically, the awards are presented during the Student Recognition Dinner organized by the Office of Student Life. This event is always a highlight of the year, kicking off the spring celebrations at Crafton. This year was a little different with COVID-19 required social distancing, rather than having student recipients and their families for dinner, the Office of Student Life awarded the recipients virtually through a newly designed webpage and emailed certificate. Each student is listed on the webpage with a photo, the department recognizing them, and a quote from the faculty or staff member who nominated them. These students come from all walks of life and stand out from their peers for a variety of reasons. Whether they have the highest grade, the strongest work ethic, are the first to help others, or exhibit some other unique characteristic, the College is extremely proud of these students and their contributions to our campus community.